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 Tools to help you navigate behavior, trauma, social skills, and emotional intelligence


Wondering what to do with students the first week of school? Not sure how to support your students and possible COVID related trauma? I've got you covered.


This social emotional STEM activity has multiple lesson plans and formats! Whether you are digital, physical, or in a hybrid model.Students will plan, draft, and build a model classroom that makes them feel safe!

In this comprehensive STEM Activity 5-6 day Unit, you’ll get access with Printable Pages & Google Slide Links

  • How to use sheets

  • Scope & Sequence for each grade band

  • Parent surveys for materials (3 re-entry versions)

  • Mentor text list

  • Materials list

  • Directions for activity

  • Brainstorming pages

  • Planning/Drafting pages

  • Pre-build reflection sheets

  • Post-build reflection sheets

  • Talking points 

  • Links to online STEM resources

  • Material choice spinner

  • Extension activity options

Differentiation materials include:

  • Multiple versions of reflection sheets

  • Sentence starters for struggling writers

  • Material choice spinner for students that struggle with making choices

This unit is perfect for encouraging creativity, resilience, providing choice, and opportunities for problem solving. The first week of school is going to be stressful enough. Take the stress of “what am I going to do?” off your plate with a dual focus unit: STEM and Social Emotional Learning!

Differentiated STEM and SEL Activities.p

This Google Slides writing activity incorporates social emotional learning, as well as listening skills via a podcast. This is intended as a 6-7 day lesson plan, but can be used any way you'd like!


Students will listen to a storytelling podcast, develop a plan for a short, creative story that incorporates a location students identify as a safe place. Multiple graphic organizers support ALL students as they make their way through the activity.


What's included?

  • Daily assignment suggestions

  • Directions for students

  • 3 graphic organizers for planning

  • Probing questions to support struggling students

  • Publishing pages

  • Bonus activity: recording your story

  • Extension activity option

  • Hyperlinks for podcast and audio recording site



Perfect writing plan for this distance learning time. Upload to google classroom and done! All that's left is to support students in their daily writing assignment.

sel writing.jpg

Do you have students? Yes?! Then you need this self-compassion unit for social emotional learning!


Self-compassion is an often overlooked SEL skill that students need practice in desperately!


This week long unit is sure to be a hit with your students! It's the perfect Google Slides resource for distance learning, but it also comes with the PDF version too!


This complete unit connects your students to themselves and those around them in a whole new way! They will recognize, investigate, share, and learn new self-compassionate strategies.



Included in this resource:

  • Scope & Sequence

  • 5 days of lesson plans (including scripting)

  • Differentiated Worksheets

  • Affirmation Cards

  • Task Cards

  • Meditation Instructions & Script

  • Visual Presentation

  • Reflection Cards


Now is the perfect time to integrate self-compassion in your social emotional curriculum and classroom! The unit is easily put together with print and go materials, as well as the digital options for easy upload in google classroom.

self compassion 2.png


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