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Figuring out how to change student behavior feels overwhelming.

You're responsible for figuring it out & making it work,
but it's so hard when you're up against...  

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What if I told you I have the solution?

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An online hub of grab & go strategies to motivate even your toughest student to gain skills academically and behaviorally !

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Hey! I'm Rachel

What started out as a way to organize strategies for maternity leave, quickly became a potent hub of incredibly successful behavior and academic interventions.


So, The Intervention Vault was born.


As I've tried different approaches and strategies over the years,  I've added to my toolbox and I want to share these tools with you!

The Vault is where I turn to when I need to find solutions that support even the most disruptive behavior. My hope is that it's a place you can turn to, as well!


What's inside The Intervention Vault?

What behaviors will these strategies address?

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Primary School Desks

What members are saying about The Vault!

"The vault allows you to have access to strategies you may not have thought of. It expands your “toolbox”. It is not just another textbook, it is created by someone who has been in the classroom and implemented the strategies. I have loved being able to have another resource and each intervention is clear how to implement."
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