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Every course, download, and community offered at SST is focused on trauma informed behavior management. I want you to feel empowered and connected to your students and your professional practice!

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Trauma-Supportive Behavior Management Course

Ready for your toughest students to become so much more engaged in your classroom?

The Trauma-Supportive Classroom Course is the perfect solution to create a supportive classroom environment layered with practical behavior supports that leads to increased student engagement.

Behavior by Design Membership

Are you looking for close-knit support to help you work through the classroom behavior management challenges you’re facing every day from people who have walked in your shoes?

The Behavior by Design Membership is a community of passionate educators who are ready to find a better way to address difficult behavior.

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Behavior Re-Haul Workshop

Ready to ditch those one-size fits all behavior strategies and get some fresh tools?

The Behavior Re-Haul Workshop teaches you exactly why those antiquated methods don't work...can we say goodbye clip charts! And it gives you the actionable tools you need to take a hold of behavior management.

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