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Every course offered at SST is focused on trauma informed behavior management. I want you to feel empowered and connected to your students, and your professional practice!

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The Discipline Shift

Move away from punitive discipline to holistic, trauma-informed, and a positive discipline approach.

In this course, you'll get clear frameworks for how to debrief with students after incidents that creates greater student accountability and restoration while remaining function-focused to shape long-term, positive behavior.

The Intervention Vault

Are you looking for targeted behavioral and academic interventions? Need quick, grab and go tools to combat work refusal, frustration, and not following expectations? 

The Intervention Vault is a hub of interventions to use for student behavior plans, safety plans, and programming. 

With video tutorials and templates, The Vault is your one-stop shop for making massive changes!

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Behavior Plan Workshop

Ready to upgrade your behavior plans to make the biggest impact?

In this 1+ hour workshop, I take you through the 4 C framework to create behavior plans that focus on safety, building social-emotional skills, proactive/reactive strategies and more.

You'll also get templates and multiple sample behavior plans to guide you in creating your own!

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