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Every course offered at SST is focused on trauma informed behavior management. I want you to feel empowered and connected to your students, and your professional practice!

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Trauma-Supportive Behavior Management Course

Ready for your toughest students to become so much more engaged in your classroom?

The Trauma-Supportive Classroom Course is the perfect solution to create a supportive classroom environment layered with practical behavior supports that leads to increased student engagement.

The Intervention Vault

Are you looking for targeted behavioral and academic interventions? Need quick, grab and go tools to build momentum with your toughest students?

The Intervention Vault is a hub of interventions to use for student behavior plans, safety plans, and programming. 

With video tutorials and templates, The Vault is your one-stop shop for making massive changes!

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Behavior Re-Haul Workshop

Ready to ditch those one-size fits all behavior strategies and get some fresh tools?

The Behavior Re-Haul Workshop teaches you exactly why those antiquated methods don't work...can we say goodbye clip charts! And it gives you the actionable tools you need to take a hold of behavior management.

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