Trauma-Supportive Classroom Method


Increase student engagement, reduce behaviors & Exhale!

(I'm serious, people!)

Are you completely overwhelmed by disruptive student behavior.

Scared of student aggression, outbursts, and frustrated by student work refusal?

Have a new student that isn't cooperating and you feel lost on where to even begin?


You know there are underlying issues, but you’re confused on what to try first.

You may not want to even admit it, but the behaviors and lack of control you have annoys you.


Parents aren’t supportive and administration keeps pushing the behaviors back on you to 'fix'.


Your team doesn’t understand what you’re going through and the aids in your room only seem to make the issues worse. 


You’re exhausted, stuck, and overwhelmed.

I've been there!


 that's me,


I’ve cried in my classroom.


Watched personal materials get destroyed and felt so angry.


Wanted to scream at parents, admin, and co-workers who kept putting more on my plate without supporting me.


I wanted so desperately to show how good of a teacher I was, but couldn't because I was putting out fires all day.


We are the same, teacher friend.


The only difference between us, in this moment, is the methods I used to overcome these frustrations. 

picture It! 

(You know you want this)

You’d have all of your students engaged in the activities you present them...when you present it! (That's a win!)

You’re classroom and behavior management strategies work seamlessly and all your students buy in! (Yes, please!)


You ask parents for their support and you receive it! (Yup, I said it!)


Your team would anticipate triggers and know exactly how to intervene! (You mean, I can keep teaching?)


You’d leave your classroom at the end of the day on time feeling accomplished-not desperately scrambling for something new to try or cleaning up student destruction. (Sounds beautiful, right!?)

Wait! I want that!

(I want that for you too, friend!)

The only difference between that vision and where you are right now is The Safe Space Method!

By enrolling in The Trauma-Supportive Classroom Method, you’re gaining more time and clarity around supporting student behaviors!


More confidence in how you show up with your most vulnerable students!


Deeper connections to these students and your team!


You’ll see greater academic success and engagement in your classroom with reduced overwhelm, my teacher friend!





Sounds great, but how?

(this is where it gets good!)

The Safe Space Method is composed of 5 Modules representing the Pillars of a Trauma-Supportive Educational Environment.

  1. Groundwork

  2. Environment

  3. Academics & Behavior

  4. Team Roles & Responsibility

  5. Holistic Systems


In The Method, we dive deeper, develop connections, and create the systems you need now.


Less theory, more action!


Truly empowering you to support your students holistically.

Let's start by chatting trauma, cortisol, toxic stress, physiology, and ACES! This isn't your usual trauma 101 lesson. You'll get the foundational mindset coaching you need presented in a way, I assure you, you've never heard!

Learn the components that comprise a trauma-supportive environment. Your classroom environment is more than the set up of your desks and placement of pencils. Get creative in your classroom culture!

Learn how to manage disruptive and non-compliant behavior while programming academically in this pillar. We'll dive into antecedant strategies, why they aren't enough, how to incorporate emotional intelligence, and why teaching emotional regulation alone doesn't lead to behavior change.

Who does what, why, and how? Have a team? Don't have a team? In this module we'll look at all stakeholders involved in a trauma-supportive environment. You'll get strategies for training, tactics for communicating with parents, and ways to keep it all running smoothly.

Let's put it all together, shall we? The crux of The Safe Space Method is how we integrate all systems, programs, and stakeholders seamlessly. You'll learn how to do this with intention, plus you'll have the skills to get creative with your systems to meet the individual needs of your students. A little self-coaching, a lot of action, and a great big exhale!


The Trauma-Supportive Classroom Method

Work through The Safe Space Method at your own pace, using one of the included tracks, or create your own!


You get instant lifetime access to all content. No waiting and an easy-to-use online platform.


Want your school to support this purchase? No problem!


Here's a document describing The Trauma-Supportive Classroom Method.

This course is right for you if...

(seriously, check the boxes)

probably not a good fit...

No hard feelings if you...

Who am i? 

(Let's work together!)

Hey, teacher friend!

I’m incredibly passionate about supporting you in creating a trauma-supportive environment. Together we can create safe spaces for students with trauma, and reduce your burnout along the way!


I'd be honored to work with you.

-Rachel Freeman, MSCIN 

Dual certified special education and elementary education teacher.

Masters in Curriculum & Instruction. 

Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional.

Want to know more?


Where have I been recently?

*Presented at the Neuroscience in the Classroom Conference

*Presented at Learning Revolution’s Emergency At Home Learning Summit

Had conversations with amazing educators on their podcasts:

*An Unconventional Teacher

*Ability Driven Teaching


I've also provided professional development around trauma to school districts from the east coast to the midwest.

You might be thinking, I've done this.


Maybe you had a PD session at your school, or watched a couple training videos.


Perhaps you’ve done some reading on trauma informed practices.

That's not the finish, though. You must become trauma-supportive, not merely informed.


The Safe Space Method is how we get there. 

By enrolling in this course, you’re gaining:

  • More time and clarity around supporting student behaviors

  • Increased confidence in how you show up with your most vulnerable students 

  • Greater academic success from students

  • Intentional student engagement

  • Deeper connections to your students and team

  • Reduced feelings of overwhelm and burnout for yourself!

I can't wait to do it with you!

Got Questions?

How will I pay for this?

Your school can purchase The Method for you! Print out “What is The Method PDF,” complete it, and give it to your school. All of the information is listed You have 2 options: the single course, The Method is $97 OR the The Method Group Coaching is $297. Your school should absolutely be investing in you professionally as an educator and will appreciate the initiative you’ve taken to gain more Continuing Education credits in a high-impact field of study!

Will my school support this work?

I’ve asked this exact question...It sucks feeling like you’re the only one who gets it. For that, I applaud you and am rooting for you! We know our students need this, and so do we. If you’re school isn’t yet on board with trauma informed education, by joining The Method, you’re a visionary, my friend. That’s a pretty powerful place to be! You’ve got the grace to know where you need to dive in, and the confidence to make it happen. The small shifts you’ll implement in The Method will lead to big changes in your students and I promise you, your colleagues will notice. Pretty soon they’ll be asking you how to do what you do! Trust yourself.

Do I have enough time to commit to this?

Yes! However, the real question is, do you have the time NOT to commit to it? Remember, The Method supports not only your students, but your own burnout, as well. Going through The Method Group Coaching program, you can expect to spend approximately 1 hour a week on the material for 6 weeks. You have access to me, and your cohort, 24/7 so you never feel alone and have a crew who gets it cheering you on!

If you choose The Method on its own, you can make it through the content in 3.5 hours. How much time you take on your own to creating The Method Systems for your classroom is up to you. When you enroll, you’ll be given multiple scope and sequences to support multiple tracks to completion.

I don’t know if I can do this work?

Umm, of course you can! I wish I could chat with you face to face right now and tell you that, but trust me, you can do this. If you’re anything like me, you appreciate some good ol’ accountability and community. Sound like you? Then I would absolutely recommend joining the group coaching program. I’m right there with you every step of the way. Whether you enjoy sharing your thoughts, or thrive on seeing multiple examples, the group will support you. If you’re a lone wolf, then you already know deep down that you’ve got this! Pick a course timeline and make it happen.

Do I have the prerequisite skills  or be in a specific grade level to do this?

No! The only thing you need is a willingness to learn and teacher friend, you’ve got that in spades! The Trauma-Supportive Classroom Method is designed to meet you wherever you are; whether you know about trauma or not. The Method is unique in its approach to trauma-supportive systems and builds off each other.

As long as you click start, you’ve got everything you need!

Let's do this!

(I couldn't be more excited for you)

Work through the Method at your own pace, using one of the included tracks, or create your own! You get instant lifetime access to all content. No waiting, easy-to-use online platform that you can login on your phone or desktop.


Want your school to support this purchase? Download the fact sheet here.





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