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Your Complete Guide to Reboot Your Self Care in 5 Days

Need a pick-me-up? Want to jazz up that old, boring self care routine you’ve got? Or maybe you want to actually start taking care of yourself because you’ve only told yourself a million times you would! Wherever you're at, following these steps will be the self care reboot you need to get right back on track!

Day 1

Take the “What’s Your Teacher Self Care Type Quiz.” It’ll take you 2 minutes to complete and will tell you exactly where you fall on the self care spectrum. It’s unique to teachers and will measure how you’re feeling in, and out, of the classroom. Once you find out if you’re the Silent, Seeker, or Creative type, you’ll be on your way to making some positive changes!

Day 2

Check in on the Wheel of Self Care. Figure out exactly what areas your currently rocking, and which ones need a tune up. For each of the following areas, you’ll assign a number, 1-10, to how you’re feeling.

  • Connected

Are you connected to self and others around you personally, physically and professionally?

  • Aligned

Do you feel tied to your purpose in your work? Are you living your own values for health and wellbeing?

  • Invigorated

Are you lit up by your professional and personal growth and learning?

  • Inspired

Do you feel energized and creative in your work and personal practices?

A score of 1 would mean you have not been focusing on that area of your life at all. Whereas, a score of 10 means you feel extremely solid in your current practices for that area.

You can follow my example, or just simply write them out. Who doesn’t love a good color-coded visual though? (I mean, we are teachers, after all!) Plus, it's a great way to tap into your creativity and find a little zen.

Remember, you are probably not going to feel 100% in all areas, all of the time. Totally cool! We’re just reflecting on where we are right this minute.

Day 3

Look back at your Wheel of Self Care and decide on 2 areas you would like to work on. Maybe you scored a 3 in the area of connection. You’re feeling out of touch with friends and haven’t made an effort to get together (physically or virtually). Perhaps you’re struggling with your work team. You aren’t seeing eye to eye and tensions are high.

Whatever 2 areas you feel the most out of sync, those are great places to begin the reboot!

Day 4

Create an action plan. This is not a dissertation or a novel. Rather, brainstorm possible ideas to get yourself started with simple actions that’ll lead toward a higher score in those key self care areas. Think back to a time when you did feel extremely happy with the area you want to work on. What were you doing in your day to day? How did you show up at work? Who did you surround yourself with?

Take the answers to these questions, and draft a list of possible actions you can take today to begin rebooting this self care practice. Nothing changes overnight, but a reboot is exactly what’s needed to begin this change!

Day 5

Find a community that can support you in this work. Maybe you have an honest conversation with your coworkers or significant other about where you’re at, and where you’d like to be. Perhaps you share this blog with your best friend and make a pact to support each other through this work.

If you’re looking for a community to support you right this very moment, I’ve got the answer! The Snack Sized Self Care Group is a place where you can get that support you need in all areas of your self care practice to feel…

  • Connected

  • Aligned

  • Invigorated

  • & Inspired

This 5 day self care reboot is the perfect way to energize your self care spirit, friend. If you’re looking for more of this magic, and want even more tips and tricks like these, join the waitlist for The Self Care Creative! A magical community of educators looking to reboot, and stay energized, through all areas of their self care journey.

Join the waitlist and be the first to know when the doors open!

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