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Taking Risks and Creating a Community

To say taking the leap to dive into the world of blogging and sharing my knowledge was a big step, is an understatement. It's monumental! But each day I preach to my students about taking risks. I tell them it's so much sweeter on the other side of the hard work, the doubt, and the frustration of learning something new. I believe those words to be true. So, I am taking a dose of my own medicine.

Recently I had someone message me on Instagram and tell me they are inspired by my work. It floored me. I felt proud, excited and, honestly, a little scared. I mean, I am confident in my skills as a teacher and the education I have surrounding trauma and behavior. Yet, the idea of tying my personalty to that knowledge in an online presence is scary. The woman's comment, though, is proof enough that if one person finds value, you've done your job. We all have a unique set of gifts that will resonate with a tribe of people. This is me stepping out to find that tribe! I am incredibly inspired by this action and the possibilities it presents.

Below you'll find snippets of my background and why I've chosen to pursue this passion. I invite you to get to know me along the way and become a part of the Safe Space Teaching Tribe.


I am a special education teacher with years of experience in various capacities. I started my education career on a whim when I was done working in a cubicle (in finance), and realized the only time I was truly happy was when I was teaching musical theater to children. (Yes, I quit my job on the spot upon such realization without a backup plan!) I worked as a paraprofessional for years and eventually obtained my special education certification. I have worked in literacy labs, autism support programs, and, of course, behavior support programs. The latter is where I found my passion and my purpose. I believe in connecting with students on a deeper level and a holistic approach to supporting both students and families. It is this experience I wish to share with you as I continue to learn and evolve as an educator.

The Focus

I have been told I have one too many tabs open. However, I think for this platform, that is a strength! The content you'll find here will always connect to supporting students that have traumatic backgrounds, learning disabilities, and need behavioral, emotional, and social supports. The academic resources are also created with these needs in mind, and will always incorporate social emotional skills. Behavior support resources will continuously aim for supporting students AND teachers; equal parts DO and FEEL.

Who is this for?

If you are a professional in education, work with students needing support for traumatic backgrounds and troubling behaviors, this is where you belong. If you are a special education teacher searching for new ideas and creative formats for connecting with, and eliciting change in students, this is where you belong. If you are an educational professional in need of community and connection, this is where you belong. I will provide you with answers and resources, but the real impact is born of collaboration. If this speaks to you, welcome! I hope you will find a home here.

Get Involved

I don't intend this to be a one-sided exchange. I truly believe that in order to receive, you must actively participate. This is not just a consumption blog. I want your ideas, your experience, and your feedback. This is what Office Hours is all about! Each week I will open a forum for discussion, creative pursuit, solution-finding...and a good ‘ole vent session, when ya need it! If this is what you’re here for, let’s get to it!

Make sure to sign up for the email list (and grab your freebies!) and click here to follow the Safe Space Teaching Instagram to stay up to date on Office Hours and all the things.

If you're looking for resources NOW to help move your students forward, check out my TPT store!

Thank you for being here and welcome to the tribe!

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