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5 Fun End of Year Behavior Management Activities

Updated: May 26, 2023

Let’s chat end of the year behavior management.

The end of the school year brings with it a unique set of challenges, for sure. There’s state testing, endless PPT’s, stressed out teachers wondering about next year assignments, report cards, and so much more.

Just like the end of the year is a whirlwind for teachers, it’s the same for students. A byproduct, is less than stellar end of year behavior. This is why you need a strong behavior management incentive.

I got you!

These 5 ideas are the perfect addition to your current behavior management plan while bringing in a little fun and focusing on the connection piece of your end of year behavior management!

They're also little to no prep, focus on being student led, and can target those 1 or 2 tricky students that need extra incentives to keep following expectations during the day.

Use one of the activities a week, or a day, up until the last day, or any combination that works for you!


Here are the tips for fun, end of year behavior management activities!

1. Joke of the Day

This is for that kid in your class that loves to be the class clown. The one that wants to take the stage and show out! Let them! This can be contingent on behavior, but you’re going to let this student tell a joke at the end of class, or the day, or the end of the week. They can either come up with their own, or you can print out a bunch for them to choose from.

2. Paper Chain Workout

Get that scrap paper, create a list of sensory supportive exercises, and get to work. Create a paper chain with one (or more) exercises that support nervous system regulation. Maybe you add in a physical exercise and mindfulness activity daily. Each activity could be 1 minute and then done! Some ideas:

  • Crab walks

  • Yoga poses

  • Mindful minute

  • Chime mindfulness

3. Pop Quiz

Kids love a good pop quiz…not! But what if you made it funny? This can be a reward at the end of a long day or a tough week. You could do a themed quiz about anything your students are interested in (food, animals, TikTok, etc). Have students submit questions and answers and you can create a pop quiz for the entire class. Allow the student who might need more structure to be the teacher during the quiz and run the show! Super fun, light, and student led.

4. Balloon Pop

Put a mystery activity, joke, or reward in a few balloons that you plan on popping at the end of the week or midweek that your kids will be super excited about. Some things I’ve done in the past…show and tell, pizza party, and dj for a day. Again, your toughest kiddo behaviorally can help you put this together and create the physical balloons and tickets inside!

5. Dance Party

This one might be a little less structured, but it’s so fun! You are going to want to add some boundaries around it, though. There are so many ways to do this, but essentially, 1 student gets a mystery ticket (like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s golden ticket) and they have the power to start a dance party! Yes, this is where those boundaries come in. Put a keyword on the ticket that the student has to listen intently for during the day and every time you say it, they get to shout out “dance party.” This means you shut everything down, turn up the tunes, and the class gets to dance for 1 song.

Need a little more structure with one of your kiddos? Are they refusing to do their work?


Download 3 free interventions here and start shaping those challenging refusal behaviors in minutes!

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